"Hi, my name is Troy Diaz.  I am a current member at California Total Fitness.  I am an ex-natural bodybuilder and competed in the physically challenged class from 2001 and 2002.  I competed in six shows placing 3rd five times and I finally won my 6th show.  I am an amputee and have spina bifada. 


I started training in 1995 in Chico and I also worked at Gold's Gym in Chico as an assistant manager/trainer.  I've been to several gyms and also worked at Gold's Gym West Las Vegas.  I know how a gym should be run and how to provide excellent service to gym members. 


California Total Fitness is absolutely the best gym and fitness center I have ever trained at.  The owner, Steve, and staff are very professional and treat everyone with respect and courtesy.  The weight training equipment is excellent and there are plenty of choices to meet your training and workout needs.  The members are like family and everyone is very friendly and respectful to all.  I joined in July, 2016 and am very satisfied with my choice over every other club in the Manteca, Tracy and Modesto area.  I absolutely recommend California Total Fitness to anyone looking for a fun and great workout experience. 


I can honestly say California Total Fitness is the right choice for me and anyone looking to be apart of a great family and fitness experiences.  Thanks California Total Fitness and staff.

-Troy Diaz"